MEYO encourages Personal Development by nurturing our participants’ interests/passions through activities, speakers, and field trips. In past years, both House of Teens and Peace Pals have prepared a Christmas Pageant for Divine Redeemer’s Annual Community Posada, learning new skills like singing, playing an instrument, and presenting in public.


Through Service to the Community MEYO strives to develop a sense of ownership of youth’s neighborhood, environment, and world. In 2015 MEYO completed Over 1350 Hours of Community Service. These events always deepen community, cultivate servant leadership, and develop character among the youth.


MEYO also fosters an environment that encourages character formation by using the Developmental Assets.  In 2010, we began basing our qualitative measures off the Search Institute’s eight core “Developmental Assets”: Experiences a Support System; Feels Empowerment; Understanding of Boundaries and Expectations; Ability for Constructive use of Time; Commitment to Learning; Increase levels of Positive Values; Capacity for Social Competence; and Progress in Positive Identity.  This year 90% of our developmental assets are being displayed regularly or more frequently by 89% of our participants.  Furthermore, on average 40% our participants take on a leadership role choose to encourage their peers to exhibit the same assets, not only exhibiting leadership traits, but how our sphere of influence extends far beyond our daily participants. These traits are nurtured during programing throughout the year.


With 47.5% of the area adult population having not completed high school, MEYO has established a legacy in this community over the past twelve years with 100% of our enrolled youth graduating from high school with post-high school career/education plans.  This past year MEYO continued its dedication to post high school learning as we celebrated with our senior youth who graduated from high school. Watch one of our graduates describe her experience with MEYO here: How MEYO Changed My Life - Karla Mendez